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 A doctor is not a machine repairman.  However, many modern doctors are still locked in the world of physics and chemistry, looking only at the human body.  Certainly, due to the remarkable progress in computer technology and genomic analysis, medical science in the 21st century is undergoing great evolution in both basic fields and clinical fields.  From this point of view, the world of physics and chemistry is still important in that respect. But you cannot heal human diseases in a true sense, if you deviate from the basic concept that “humans are made up of the mind and body” . 
Distortion of the educational system resulting from the bias of material civilization has created many doctors who don’t care about human heart.  anatomy has to have the basic concept that “the body with the work of the mind and the body without it are not always the same”.
In the first place, one of the reasons that doctors have been particularly respected since ancient times is that they have a history of treating patients in consideration of the overall personality.
The purpose of medical treatment is not just to treat physical ailments.  Many of the diseases that appear in the body involve the mind.  Therefore, prolonging the life of the body is not the ultimate purpose.  The ultimate goal is to “make the patient’s mind and body healthy”.  As the ancient phrase says, “medical treatment is benevolent act”.
We believe that “in the latent area, the mind usually decides to die first, and then the body dies.”  After the mind decides to die from a holistic view, it is vain that the medical treatment seeks to prolong the life of the body.
From the providence of the natural universe, all human beings (heart and body) are designed to maintain their health autonomously.  Nonetheless, the incongruity that comes from the mind side or from the physical side causes the disease.  In any case, it is the best to improve the quality of life, bring the mind to life, and activate the autoimmune power.  There is no doubt that this is the basis of disease treatment.  In the future, it is necessary to emphasize things such as “personality therapy” including review of translocation therapy and climate therapy.

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